Rumpelstiltskin Of My Mind

So, I’m just sitting here quietly.
Minding my own business.
When words begin to bombard me,
Like bricks being thrown at a heavily barricaded door.
Trying to make themselves a poem.

“Not now!” I say,
“I’m busy!”
“Besides, I’ll forget.”
Anyway, they are coming too fast,
Getting all mixed up,
As they descend orderlessly and rapidly into my mind.

It’s almost like there’s an elf-like Rumpelstiltskin
Perched high upon that blue file cabinet,
Which lives in the very back of my mind.
You know,
The one with all the important stuff that I have long ago forgotten?

He is shouting, yelling, shrieking,
Throwing words and letters around!
Like a gigantic confetti of alphabet.
His crazy antics do abound!

So…what am I supposed to do?
Put them all together to make some sense
Out of his soundless, shrieking, crying?
If you are crabbily demanding all of my attention,
And are trying to help me spin words into gold,
The very least you could do
Is to make some order out of these words!


My Trivia Collecting Mind

My Trivia collecting mind thinks.
Or does it?
Can’t hold back today.
Words coming into my head.
Pushing everything else out of the way.

Here it comes!
Ready or not!
Stop whatever you are doing.
Nothing can stem the tide
Of an unsaid poem,
Stuck in the back of my mind.

All right, already!
I hear you!

Let the tsunami begin…
As if I had a choice!

Junk Food

Junk food for the body,
French fries, Coke and stuff.
So many TV shows produced
By Gurus giving lectures.
School lunches being monitored,
With so-called Healthy, but unappetizing food!
It seems that the whole Country is aghast at
What goes into the Body!

However! Does anyone worry about
Junk food for the Mind,
That is popping up all over?
Garbage being shoveled into the Mind
Just as fast as it can go?
Look at those glossy magazines with their beautiful paper.
Whose content reeks with demoralizing articles.
Decent TV shows are few and far between…
Why don’t they pay attention to the Mind!

How about for the Spirit?
“God is dead!” so many chant,
As they sit around and mope.
Lots of Quiet Desperation being dumped around,
To engage in the total destruction of Hope.
I’d like, just for once, someone to talk about
“Food Groups” for the Soul!