Guardian Angel

I come equipped with a Guardian Angel.
Just take a look around.
Probably can’t see him…
But his Heavenly presence does abound!

I sometimes get mad,
He thinks he’s so funny.
Playing tricks here and there.
But he’s always doing his job,
And he’s ever bright and sunny.

Even though mostly invisible,
He protects me night and day.
He has been with me faithfully…
Every step of the way.


Guardian Angel

Yesterday, October 2, was the Feast of the Guardian Angel.
This, written many years ago, is dedicated to mine, who has done an awesome job of protecting me both night and day!

I hear the Rustle of Angel Wings,
And then I remember Fantastic Things.
I feel their Softness near my ear.
And then I know my Protector is near.

This Vibration heralds a Shaft of Light
Of tremendous Force and oh, oh, so Bright!
I hear the Rustle of Angel Wings
Breathing Truths and my Soul sings!