I looked into the mirror
Just the other day.
My face was superseded
By another in the way.

“Please, go away. I want to see myself.”
As she blocked my very head.
“Look at me more closely,”
The lady in the mirror said.
“I am only you grown older
I am never in your way!”

“I’m your future self.
I watch you very closely.
Don’t go making mistakes, now.
Be careful what you say!”


Aged Woman

Will she, when an aged woman,
Sit amidst her loneliness?
Conjuring up remembrances
Of a babe who never came?
Imagining rocking someone
She never gave a name?

And if she sits in sorrow
Going to her grave,
She wonders if there’s tomorrow…
With another chance to save…


Take a walk through the Future.
Remove the obstacles, one by one.
Pile up adversities near the closest dump.
Grab up all the pleasant things,
Carry them jump by jump.

Hang up all the hatefulness,
On the line to nowhere.
Lap up all the love you see,
Throw it out for all to share.

Life is about what you make it.
Literally, it is so.
You’re the inventor of this book.
Let’s get on with the show!