Bribe A Cat

Things To Do

1. Bribe a cat.

You cannot bribe a cat.
No matter what you do.
You can stand on your head
And spit nickels.
Is he impressed?
No way!

He wanders away
With head held high…
Even his tail.
Well, if he had one, that is.
Feed him.
Give him H2O.

His Royal Highness. He.
He takes it as his due!



There’s nothing worse than seeing
A gigantic, nasty bug,
High upon the wall.
Than going back to swat it…
And he’s not there at all!

You Rushed In

You rushed in when all rushed out
On a beautiful September morning.
It started off with fun and laughter.
Only to end in unbelievable tragedy.
With pleasure turned into mourning.

Where did you get your strength
To do the things you did
In a superhuman way?

How did you run up stairways,
As your World came tumbling down?
How did you rescue people
Who were running for their lives?
How did you keep on going,
Without a thought for yourself?

Everything went in slow motion,
As it also raced in time.

Across the River and the Bay
Everyone watched on TV.
Too busy to go outside to watch.
We worked swiftly to get the Hospital ready
For those who never came.

We heard stories of those who were lucky…
They were sick that day,
Or maybe stuck in traffic.
And other stories… of those who were not.

That night as I walked through the Hospital lobby,
It seemed so strange.
It was turned into an Emergency Unit.
It was filled with empty beds
Waiting in vain for their patients.
Hoping they were on their way.

As I drove home late that night,
Heading toward the Shore,
Highways were empty,
Except for Police Cars
Guarding empty roads and highways.
Lonely Sentinels keeping watch
To make my lonely drive home
As safe as possible once more.

I was accompanied only by a large dark cloud.
Filled with What,
I did not want to think.

America worked together that day,
As we always did.
As we always do.
As we always will.