Our Beautiful World

What if:
Our beautiful world
Is just an outline,
Filled with limited colors.

What if:
There is another world
Filled with so many more colors
And so many more hues.
Along with other dimensions,
That we will someday see.

What if:
It seems like we open a door,
To a technicolor place.
Far greater than our current world,
As the scenes flit across our face

What if:
The comparison feels to us,
That we had been living
In very drab shades,
Of dreary black and white.

What if:
With utter amazement,
And speechless plight,
We will be stunned by the beauty
Of this marvelous, glamorous sight!


Cloud Ride

I rode upon a cloud one day.
Though it was only 5 inches tall.
Another cloud almost touched my head.
Approaching like a wall.

Beautiful stars twinkled high,
Far above the earth.
Foamy white clouds
Covered them all.
But the stars were there…


I’m surrounded by Capricorns,
Serious, though they be.
I really can’t help laughing.
It’s just the Gemini within me!

Everything is funny.
If I didn’t laugh I’d cry.
And who wants a bright red nose,
Plus lots of big wet tears
Running all over the place?

Everywhere I look,
I see comic strips of life.
All mixed up with loads and loads of strife.

If you really look hard enough,
And eliminate all the sad stuff,
You are left with laughter.
Rolling in by the ton.

Come on!
Let’s laugh…each and every one!


I “saw” that poem within my head.
The letters bright and clear.
The words came spiraling down.
They pranced onto the paper

How am I supposed to know
The ending starts in the middle,
And not the other way around?

I didn’t write it in the first place.
Don’t know who really did.
It blew together from nothing,
And escaped from beneath the lid!


Move that hot air around.
Blow it out left and right.
Make your words keep up with the pace,
As you spew your philosophy,
With a great big smile upon your face.

Hold your hand out real far.
Collect all the money for whatever you say.
Though it makes no sense,
It’s what they want to hear.
As long as they get the gist,
And just place that cash
Within your fist!