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Flag Day

Today is flag day!
“You’re a grand old Flag!”
“ You’re a high flying Flag!”

World War II ended.
Our boys are coming home!
The days of rationing ended.
We could buy everything we wanted.
As well as things we did not need!
Food… Clothes…
Gasoline for the cars that
Sat in driveways basically unused,
Except if they were needed for work.

The 50’s began!
It was as if we opened a door
From a black and white, bleak world,
And stepped into a Technicolor Wonder World.
For years we lived in this wondrous place
Filled with inventions and peace.
Our lives became secure and complacent.

Yet, Suddenly it’s a different place,
With a world grown smaller
And much more dangerous.
Please don’t close that door
That opened to a fantastic and wonderful era.
The only world that several generations have ever known.

Our Flag must continue to wave
Depicting our free and glorious world!


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