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“Boots on the ground.”
This expression annoys me so.
They DO have people in them, you know.

Like your son, your daughter,
Your sister, your brother,
Your father, your mother,
Your friends, your neighbor.
And the list goes on.

How strange to refer to the Military as such.
How incredibly dehumanizing!
The very same people who save your lives!
You do realize, don’t you,
That half of them are just kids?
Patriotic. Proud.
Wanting to serve their beloved Country.

Who invented this expression, anyway?
You? Sitting up high in your Ivory Tower?
Swiveling around in that cushioned, leather chair?
Go ahead! Enjoy your climate controlled environment,
With impressive opulence everywhere!

Does it make it more acceptable to say?
To think of a people-less army
With boots traveling on their own?
Well, those boots have feet in them.
They are being moved by people.
Boots can never march alone.

Come down to earth.
Listen to that awesome sound!
Of the United States Army,
Marching with dedication and purpose.
Wearing their boots…
Pounding upon the ground.


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