Phones, cellphones, and television clickers.
All look the same.
How come all you crazy electronic things
Play this complicated game?

TV, rants and raves, and begins to flicker.
Oh,wait! Doesn’t work with my cell phone!
And besides,
How come no one answers
When I screech loudly into the clicker?

Stupid telephones!
Stupid clicker!


Sidewalk Reader

As a mother, grandmother, and citizen, I am concerned that
Fortitude and acceptance of others is being taken away from this Generation.

Oh, there you are!
Sitting in your Safe Place.
Kinda like Kindergarten 101.
Petrified of words on the sidewalk
Written in washable chalk.
Soon to dissolve in the rain.

Where is your courage,
Like your same-aged ancestors had…
Those who went before you?
And perhaps have, even now?

What is WRONG with you?
Demanding your right to speak and to be heard,
But one sided, as it only applies to you.
Are you really trying to remove OTHERS’ rights to say and believe
Anything contrary to your beliefs?

Shades of Nazi Germany and the long gone USSR!

Jail! Global warming dissidents!
Jail! Those who belong to a different political party!
Jail! The sidewalk writers!

My father, along with multitudes of others,
Probably including some of your families,
Gave their lives.
Yes, some of them your age,
So that we ALL could exercise freedom of speech.

Now, get up!
Blow your nose!
Wipe the tears of fear from your eyes!
Straighten your shoulders!
And be the Brave Americans that I know you are!