Dryer Song

My dryer plays a little song.
A catchy tune, indeed.
Can’t get that melody out of my head.
It comes and goes at will.

Anyway, who would write a song
Just for for the dryer to sing?
When you turn the power off or on,
Or when the clothes are dry?

So…let’s all whistle the dryer song.
And what was that the dryer said?
There is no rhyme nor reason.
As it barrels through my head!



People who use pencils
Already plan to be wrong.
And what’s that eraser for anyhow?

If you did not intend to make a mistake,
Why would you not start out with a pen?

Crossword puzzles with a pen are much more of a challenge.
Make a mistake and sloppiness is all you see.
To say nothing of covering up the words.
That you absolutely have to get right…
The very first time, like me!

OK, I grant you, Sudoku is easier using a pen
In conjunction with a pencil.
To do all the figuring that you can’t do in your head.
It makes it easier done than said!

So, for now, I’ll stick with a pen.
Hoping I won’t have to write over it,
Over and over again!


You speak.
Lofty words.
Echo through my mind.

Empty words.
Filled with platitudes.
Devoid of substance.

Their sounds…
Sound wonderful.
As they go tumbling
Through my head.

Why do your ideas
Run in circles so?
And make me need to ask,
“What was that
That he just said?”

The Head

I do admire the human body so.
Made by our Creator,
With everything working just right.

All the systems work alone,
And yet together.
Just to make us function perfectly.
Each in his own way.
As a marvelous, self contained, power plant.

The head may go back and forth
Just to look to the left and to look to the right.
And sometimes the neck gets just a little bit stiff.
Or maybe even a lot.
But it can’t turn around like Cuca, my parrot,
Seemed to be able to do.

However; If I may be so bold…
I have a question that I really need answered.

In all due respect,
Why would You put a head,
The size and weight of a bowling ball,
On a toothpick size of a neck?