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Uniformless Army

Observations of a “War Orphan”

Over 70 years ago,
Thousands of young healthy men
Left their towns and families behind to
March into Europe.
They proudly wore uniforms of the US Military.
Ready to defend us from foreign countries.
Countries that they had never before seen.
They had merely been pictures in a book.
Basically, teenagers, or barely out of their teens.

Now, decades later,
Thousands of healthy young men,
Looking much older than our teenagers were.
Dressed in new, contemporary clothes,
They also entered Europe.

Pushing, shoving, racing away from their native lands.
Where are the women and children
That they should be protecting?
Oh, yes, I see a few, but when the picture pans out,
We are left with thousands of young men
Who are running away from their countries.

Are they all cowards?
Or merely an invading
Uniformless Army?


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