All of you.
Yes. Each and every one of you.
On both sides of the aisle.
Complaining about each other’s shortcomings.

Their personalities.
Their histories.
Their qualities that you detest.
Their unintended stupid comments.
All of this.
Plus all the unnecessary rest.

When will you realize that I care about none of this.
I just desperately want to know
What is it that you intend to do for our Country.
And, most of all, what it is that you will do for me.

I don’t care how all of you dress,
Or whether you are little fashion plates.
Some think a President must have
Matching shoes and clothes
To properly rule this Land.

I am quite capable of making up my mind…
And always have been.
About who to like and why.
Just stop distracting us
With smoke screens and petty stuff!

Multiple candidates.
Many with great ideas.
Please tell us what they are.
And how you will achieve them
Throughout your Presidential years.



I clean out the bookcase.
I really have to make some room.
I pick up a book and put it in the box.
I place another there, then I look at the 3rd.
It stays right in my hand.

I enter its pages.
Stories roll before me
In multitudes of stages.
Soon I am lost to “here.”
My mind is in the plot.
I simply am unaware
That what is there…is not!

4th of July

What a wonderful day!
Marching Bands…
Playing the rousing Marches of John Philip Sousa!
Celebrating our freedom across the land!

Families and friends all together!
Boats on the river!
Flags being waved by
Little children with shining faces!

This is our beautiful and our marvelous Country!
Made so by both our valiant Military, and our Citizens!

I thank all of our generations of Military
Who fought to make this country free…
Those who came home and those who did not.

Happy 239th Birthday,
United States of America!
May your Flag ever wave
“O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!”


Gravity, I know you’re good for lots of things.
You keep me from flying
Off of this wonderful, marvelous Globe.

You’re also great for finding things.
I can always depend upon you
To drop things down,
And not up in the air…
Or float them in a lateral direction,
Perched high above a chair.

But you also sag my skin!
My face gets looking longer
As it heads right to the floor.
I beg of you, please,
Don’t drop it any more.

My Life, up until this point,
Has always been real rounded.
And my friend, Gravity,
Always keeps me grounded.