Open the dishwasher.
Put the dishes away.
See how clean they are!

Hear how they clink together…
Molecules clanking left and right.
As you put them on the shelves!

Oops! Now a few are on the floor!
Dropped right out of your hands!
Now those molecules are clinking even more!


Junk Food

Junk food for the body,
French fries, Coke and stuff.
So many TV shows produced
By Gurus giving lectures.
School lunches being monitored,
With so-called Healthy, but unappetizing food!
It seems that the whole Country is aghast at
What goes into the Body!

However! Does anyone worry about
Junk food for the Mind,
That is popping up all over?
Garbage being shoveled into the Mind
Just as fast as it can go?
Look at those glossy magazines with their beautiful paper.
Whose content reeks with demoralizing articles.
Decent TV shows are few and far between…
Why don’t they pay attention to the Mind!

How about for the Spirit?
“God is dead!” so many chant,
As they sit around and mope.
Lots of Quiet Desperation being dumped around,
To engage in the destruction of Hope.
I’d like, just for once, someone to talk about
“Food Groups” for the Soul!


This is dedicated to my Granddaughter, Andrea, the Soccer Player.

I watched your game the other day…
And a wonderful player you are!

I saw you ”kick” that soccer ball
From off the top of your head!
I could barely watch.
I was filled with sudden dread.

Jeter never hit a home run
Minus a bat in his hand.
And he never, ever, used his head
To hit the winning, far reaching, Grand Slam!

Use your head in other ways…
Perhaps to hold your glasses up.
Or even to wear a pretty hat,
Perched high above your ears!

But remember this, and remember it well.
Stop shaking your brains so much!
That’s why they’re encased within your skull.
For you to use for thinking and such!


Happy Easter!

This isn’t a new post but it never grows old!

The caterpillar munched on his leaf one day
Filled with a strange sort of dread.
Little did he know that within just a few hours,
He would be inexplicably and totally dead!

But what he also didn’t know,
And probably never would,
He was actually transformed
Into another kind of Life.

A Life that took wing to the sky.
And he didn’t really die,
He merely stepped into another Realm
As he spread his beautiful wings to fly!

New Jersey

Does anybody, other than I and most of New Jersey,
Know that New Jersey
Is between Philadelphia and New York City?

Weather men do not talk about us.
Weather maps only show Philadelphia
Connected to New York…
With half their names written
Over little pieces of New Jersey.

Boy, do I feel left out!
Much of the time I wonder about the weather.
Is New Jersey glossed over for a reason?

Birds seem to know that we are here,
Juncos and Robins come and go,
According to the seasons.

We have oceans and rivers,
Streams and such.
Industry and orchards.

Cities, suburbs, and farms galore,
Make us a well rounded group.
How can they overlook us?
And leave us out of the loop?