Daffodils peaking out of the snow saying,
“Spring’s gotta be around here someplace!”

I sat watching the snow fall, once again…
Beautiful, for a change.
Just when I began to believe that winter would never end,
The days began to get just a little bit longer,
A minute at a time.

And guess what else?
I began to notice the daffodils, laughing in the snow.
Saying “No snowfall tells US when to grow!”

They don’t complain.
They just continue with their mission.
This is what we should do
When Life freezes us out.

Be optimistic! Be patient!
There’s a time for everything!
And hope and promise as well.

April was not yet cancelled,
As far as I can tell!



Who’s that sitting in there
Amidst those wrinkles and the pain?
Perhaps if I seek further
It will be to my great gain.

Who’s that spirit that hides
Behind those wonderful shining eyes?
Perhaps if I’m lucky
I’ll pierce that earthly disguise.

Who’s that beloved soul
Lying within that misshapen form?
Perhaps it’s an old friend,
Who sheltered me in ancient winter’s storm.