The world is still.
I hear naught but the tick of the clock.
Tirelessly it repeats itself,
“Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock.”

Stillness settles upon the trees
With no more energy than a good stiff breeze.
Not a thing moves about.
Not a bird, not a swarm of bees.
Flowers stand…as if painted in a book.
Everything stands in silence,
Everywhere I look.

The clock keeps company with the warning of my dog.
Something intrudes upon the stillness.
A rabbit? A ground hog?
A sound of soft scratching,
As Libra searches for a nonexistent flea.
But what is this dreaded silence that stands in front of me?
Perhaps I’m viewing a picture waiting to be painted
Perhaps I am viewing my world, previously untainted.

But there! She runs again to growl upon the door!
The stillness there before me leaves a metaphor!
What is this solid substance that begs the viewer to see?
Is this a sound of growing life?
Could I be viewing me?



What does she say to her unborn child
When he comes to her in a dream?
Does she offer explanations
And know things are not what they may seem?

Or does she suffer greatly
At the rejection of a soul?
Perhaps she’s waited centuries
Feeling not quite whole.

The dark of night is blustery.
The dark of night is cold.
The dark of night is frightening.
Its guilt like tons of coal.

Has she refused entrance to one
Who’ll light her way?
Or is she aiding forces
Preventing night from being day?

Vampire Repellant

Umbrellas smelling like garlic
Keep the vampires away.
Rain all you want and I don’t care
I’m safe and dry in the gloomy day.

Pretend I’m walking at a pretty good clip
To eat at Le Cellier.
Vampires dropping dead, like flies,
As my path is cleared ahead.

I’m on my way oblivious,
To the pristine path I’m on.
I step over each and every one of them
As I tread into the puddles instead.

But still no vampires do appear.
Or dare to show their faces.
My umbrella drenched in garlic
Takes me, oh, so many places!