The New Year

Happy New Year! May you have a happy, healthy, and marvelous coming year!

The Old Year ends.
A New Year begins.
What happens to all the old thoughts,
Old ideas, and old accomplishments?
Is everything recycled?
Or does it just disappear?

Will everything be reshuffled?
Just to be used in the coming months?
It is often said that energy
Is neither created nor destroyed.
Are we limited in our resources?
Must we reuse everything
In just that self same way?

Are the pages now blank, while we write our Lives anew?
Do we store our ideas, our hopes, our dreams,
Our accomplishments, of that old, nearly ancient, year?
Like we used to store our pencils in our pencil box?
And take them out when we want to use them again
To “draw” our Lives brand new?

Do our Souls become wiped clean once more?
Are we given a second chance
To become all shiny once again?
As silver polish makes our Sterling Silver gleam
And sparkle like it is brand new?

I sit here waiting for my pages
To fill up with new experiences,
Mixed with old ones, too.
How do our electrons remix themselves
To relegate old memories to the File Cabinet of my Mind?

I can take them out and look at them
Whenever I need to find something,
That I did long ago …

So all is not really lost.
It just sits waiting patiently
In that File Cabinet,
That is stored far back
In the recesses of my Mind.