Old Nag

We signed up for a horseback trip into the mountains in the Dominican Republic.
How much fun it would be…horseback riding through the trails…swimming in the
river…lunch! My daughter and 3 young grandsons thought it was a wonderful idea!
My husband said it was crazy, and he refused to go! We had had a big storm with
a lot of rain, making it very muddy.

The swimming in the river part was cancelled, since the river was now raging!
So the Mountain trail was substituted. We were on our merry way!

I rode upon a horse one day.
He was nasty, mean and hateful.
That’s all I have to say!
We strode through mud and slipped a bit,
He did his best to throw me off.

“Show him who’s boss!”
The Guide yelled out to announce!
But he already knows HE is!
11 years old and supposedly gentle,
Just for novices like me.

Saved from the glue factory, that’s for sure!
But is he grateful?
No, not a bit.
He spent his time meandering,
And doing his best to knock me to the ground!

He tried to squeeze his way
Between the other horses,
Who were orderly going up the path.
He nastily bit them when they couldn’t move,
Without trampling everyone before them.

“Hey! Look! He’s “Making!”
Shouted the 7 year old!
Who rode, kind of expertly, behind me!
“How rude!” Said I, my dignity all but lost.

Just about sideways in the saddle,
Hanging on precariously,
Clutching the reins with all my might,
I rode the last few miles.

When, at last the ordeal was over,
I slid my weary and terrified body off that murderous beast!
I limped away just as fast as I could,
While he stood and glared at me,

Go back to your barn and chew your cud all day,
Or whatever horses do.
I’ve had enough!
I am through with you!