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I think of my many Thanksgivings.
We talked about the Pilgrims
And their many sacrifices.
We spoke about their Indian friends
Who helped them along the way.
We children sat at our little table,
While the adults all sat at theirs.

Years later, I marched in the High School Band.
We twirlers, twirled at Half-Time
Freezing our ungloved hands.
And when the football game was over,
Came home to a nice warm house.
Everyone was waiting for me,
Including the turkey, who was placed upon the table!

I thought of the many Thanksgiving dinners I cooked.
Of the year when everything was on the table,
Ready to be eaten.
But the turkey wasn’t yet done.
So my Aunty Jo jumped in and took charge!
She put that turkey back in the oven,
And made everything right again!

And of a friend who cooked her first turkey.
Resplendent with gizzards…papers and all,
Still left in the turkey,
Where all the stuffing should go!

But most of all I remember
The wonderful memories of
Little kids and a great big dog.
Of Nanny peeling potatoes and onions.
And Mom coming in with the pies…

I would get up at the crack of dawn
Just to start making the stuffing.
Then Mom and I would fill up a plate
So we could have a “little” bite…
Had to make sure that it was all right!

All of that was many years ago.
Situations change.
Different actors play the roles.
But Tradition marches on,
Keeping step with Time.

Family continues enjoying each other
And being so grateful for what we have.
We are blessed!
I hope that you are, too!

Happy Thanksgiving!
From all of us to you!


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