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The Sailor

In October 1972, after receiving word that his 58 year old father died suddenly, a young sailor, my cousin Tom Hunt, traveled from his ship in Japan to New York. After a grueling 44 hour trip… including an emergency landing in Seattle, he stepped into the terminal at JFK, still dressed in his tropical whites. He was followed by a Hare Krishna type who kept spitting on him while calling him “Child Killer!” “Murderer!” “War Monger!” and more!

I have always been both outraged and saddened by this display. I thank him, my uncle, my cousins, my brother, and especially my father who was KIA, and never became a Veteran.

Thank you so much! You’ve helped to keep this Beautiful Country safe for us all!


The Sailor

The young sailor got off the plane
On that beautiful October day.
He walked through the Terminal at the busy JFK.
He thought of his father, as he made his way,
And what had transpired while he was gone.

When suddenly, without much warning,
A man approached, shouting,
“Baby killer! Murderer! War Monger!”
And he was spit upon!
And he kept spitting on him as he kept pace.

The sad young sailor was taken by surprise.
As he looked at the anti-war man,
Who had hate filling up his eyes.
Stunned, he continued to walk along,
All alone with his bewildered thoughts.
While the man followed and harassed him,
Continuing to call him names and to spit upon him.

He thought of a time, not too long before,
When he said “Goodbye, Dad, see you later,”
As he walked out the door.
Now, suddenly, his father was dead.
His heart ached as he realized
That he would never see him again.

All right, you arrogant young man.
It is now over 40 years later
From that October day in 1972.
When a heartbroken young sailor arrived into JFK.

I thought of you today…you with your nameless face.
Hiding behind your anonymity,
Enjoying your freedom,
Safe in your little place.

Do you ever think of that moment, in your crazy and impetuous youth?
So many long years ago, when you spit upon that sad, and fatherless man?

You chose this time to spit upon him,
In front of all to see.
What a show-off you turned out to be.
Bravery was not your high note.

You had no way of knowing, nor did you really care,
He was coming home for the funeral of his father,
The pain was almost too much to bear.

You thought only of yourself that day.
And your hatred of the United States uniform
The brave young man did proudly wear.
And did you brag about your deed
To all your anti war friends?
And did you laugh ’til you cried
As the tears ran down your face?

Now you’re an old man.
You can see the end of the road.
What has Life brought you?
And were you able to keep up with the pace?
Were your last 40 years filled with sorrow?
Or happiness 7 fold? Spilling all over the place?

And did you ever have children,
Who loved your heart of gold?
And are your grandchildren proud of you,
And love you with all their little hearts?
Thinking that you would lay down your life for them,
And protect them all the way?

And did you ever tell them of what you did
On that long ago October day?
At the Terminal at the Airport.
The Terminal at JFK.


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