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Where Did You Go?

The kitchen imp who climbed up on cabinets,
And greeted me with a grin.
Who scampered up and down at whim,
Permanent scratches on her chin.

Toothless smiles, and scant hair upon her head.
“Where did you go, and when?” I said.
Where are my “Witchmakers” who tired me so?
Noisy. Now silence. And when did they go?

How I’d like, for a moment,
Just a peek or two.
To glance at that wondrous time.
Watching my babies in their small Universe,
That they eagerly explored from stem to stern.
With me ever remembering,
While seeing them learn.

Somehow, when I was not looking,
They grew far away.
That is what I wanted.
Adulthood for all.
But sometimes…just for a moment,
I wish they were small.


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