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Tip Of My Mind

It’s on the tip of my mind.
But where in the world does it stay?
Hey! Come back! I need to know!
But other stuff gets in the way!

I think. I concentrate. It is right there.
The information that I seek,
And want so desperately,
Is gone…by just a sliver of hair.

Why does it leak out,
And disappear from my view?
“Come back, come back,” I say.
“I never said that I was finished with you!”

I need to know, and to know it right now!
Paragraph by paragraph.
Sound by sound.
Picture by picture.

Pieces remain…but only chunks.
Where is the rest of the puzzle?
Please, I beg of you, my dear sweet mind,
Where did my interesting, recent thoughts go?

I know that nothing’s ever lost.
It’s all filed in there someplace.
Hiding in microscopic file cabinets
Deep in the back of my mind.

Just like the Internet, piece by piece,
Coming from various sources all over the place.
Searching for each other.
So that it can make a sensible plan.

Why can’t I have the picture completed,
Without missing a few corners somewhere…
I know that you’re leaning against a wall,
Hidden in the dark recesses…
In the very back of my mind.


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