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Do Something

Don’t just do something!
Stand there!
This is your crazy mantra.

What is wrong with your
Fight or Flight system?
Freeze is your middle name!
Get moving you lazy shirker!
Or nothing will ever be the same!

It seems you’re always pouring
8 ounces into a 6 ounce cup…
Just about one too many times.

You’re not a mover, much less a shaker.
You’d rather spend your time discombobulated
Than thinking things through to the end.
Logical conclusions are never followed by you.
You’re always coming up lacking,
And just around the bend.

A day late and a minute short,
Too much or too little and never just right.
You’re happy to turn everything upside down.
As you insist to all that day is really night.

Marching to a different drummer was never said of you.
You march to a nonexistent drummer,
Or perhaps another in your head.
A figment of your imagination.
Which everyone learns to dread.


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