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Nasty old lady who lives in that house,
Screeching and yelling like I’m a stupid, ugly mouse.
She runs out shrieking and banging on the door!
When all I’m trying to do is to eat a tiny bit more.

Who cares about those birds…
Little, puny, noisy things!
She buys tasty, expensive birdseed
Just for them, she says.
But I am worth so very much more!

I climb the tree.
I jump to the feeder.
I sit on the squirrel repellant seat,
So that I can dine in the proper way.

Just as I’m having a wonderful feast,
Here she comes again!
She thinks I’m running from her,
But I’m just having fun!

Hey, did I just hear her shout,
I wish I had myself a gun?


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