Strange As It Seems

Strange as it seems,
I know these very words.
Although I’ve never heard them uttered.

Strange as it seems,
I believe these very truths.
Although I’ve never heard them said.

My cells, my body, my brain, my mind,
Reverberate my very soul.
This information that you gave me,
I knew since I was old.

A review course,
Which is just that,
Flew fast across my brain.
And now I’ve got those words picked out,
And I have seen them once again.

I’d begun those things years ago,
So I’m just about halfway there.
I know I’m staying younger,
Though the clock ticks off the years.

I’ll stick around much longer
Than was previously thought.
I’ll keep myself in real great shape
And prove what I’ve been taught.

I needed a little Wisdom
To help my youth along.
That’s why, I guess, I stumbled,
And lost my happy song.

But here I am, much younger,
Much wiser, than before.
The Centuries will roll right by.
Let’s see what we’ll have in store!



So, one day, pre-Me,
In my non-existent phase,
I was walking down the “whatever.”
And I spied a huge glob of molecules
Appearing to be unused.

“Hey!” Said I, or whoever “I” is.
“Let me make myself!”

I grabbed several handfuls.
Put a few molecules here…
And a few more over there…
I shook them up quite a bit!

Lo and behold!
Out of the fog, stepped “I”!

Is this what they’re saying?
Is this how we were created,
Out of nothing?
Did we create ourselves?
Can this be?
Well, most likely, probably not!

I think of the computer.
A marvelous, wonderful, and glorious thing.
Knows lots of stuff…
But creation of self
Is not one of them.


Nasty old lady who lives in that house,
Screeching and yelling like I’m a stupid, ugly mouse.
She runs out shrieking and banging on the door!
When all I’m trying to do is to eat a tiny bit more.

Who cares about those birds…
Little, puny, noisy things!
She buys tasty, expensive birdseed
Just for them, she says.
But I am worth so very much more!

I climb the tree.
I jump to the feeder.
I sit on the squirrel repellant seat,
So that I can dine in the proper way.

Just as I’m having a wonderful feast,
Here she comes again!
She thinks I’m running from her,
But I’m just having fun!

Hey, did I just hear her shout,
I wish I had myself a gun?