Grandmother School

My daughter told me that I went to Mother School,
And graduated at the top of my class.
Well, let me tell you this…
I did my post-graduate at Grandmother School,
And tried my very best!

Once again, I landed, in the very top of my class!
My award, I accepted with excitement and glee!
Lots of “A”s in “Worry Worry, Worry”! and
“Spend, Spend, Spend,” as well as in
“Buy, Buy, Buy” lots of incredibly useless stuff,
To shower you all, whether you need it or not!

I also got “A”s in knowing that you’re all perfect,
With nary a fault to be seen.
You all are perfection personified,
Beyond a Grandmother’s wildest dreams!
If you object, be careful!
For flowing throughout your veins
Are multitudes, if not scores,
Of Grandmother’s very same genes!

And why are you surprised that I continued my eduction,
By graduating, once again, at the very top of my class!
From the very prestigious Grandmother School?

What, however, will Great Grandmother School offer me?
How well will I do?
Well, a pretty good job, I expect,
If I have to say so myself!



He, who took pleasure in anger.
He, the despoiler of love.
Seems to be growing much stronger,
As he walks with his Guides from above.

The Goal is seen before him,
At the end of a long, long road.
He walks along in spurts,
Continually shifting his load

At last his burden lightens
As he realizes that deep within,
Lives a portion of the Creator
With his heart as His abode.

Fifty…(or more)

Happy Birthday to Geminis everywhere! (including me!)

Your upsweep sits on top of your head.
Your scars show under your chin.
But all your face stays up real good,
Pulled tight across your skin!

You’re fifty…(or more), and it doesn’t show.
You dance and sing along the way.
Take a bow, oh, Gemini,
You’ll not be old and gray today!

We laugh and laugh at life’s silly games.
Seriously are they taken.
While others play their somber roles,
We laugh ’til we are breakin’!