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When did you lose your will to try,
Over and over again?
You fell so many times
Before you took your very first steps!

You repeated your very first words
Over and over again,
Practicing and practicing,
Until you got it right!

As you drew your very first pictures,
Your little fingers struggled,
Over and over again,
Then held the crayon tight!

You fell a zillion times
As you climbed upon your trike.
Skinned knees and all,
Then you triumphantly rode your bike!

But through the years,
You slowly gave up.
’Til your Will became
Just a shadow of yourself.

Where have you gone?
The you that always tried your best?
Over and over again?

The you who never gave up?
The you who never sat around?
The you who never said, “I can’t.”

Get up! Try again!
Success is at the door!
Get up and try just one more time!
Like you used to do!

Over and over again!


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