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Epinal Cemetery

To my father, Captain George Faye Rhoads.
In Memoriam.

Epinal Cemetery

Rarely can family come to your grave,
So many miles away.
But you, who gave your life,
Are never really alone.
Surrounded, as you are,
By many of your teenaged charges,
Privates, Sergeants, and oh, so many more!

You were:
Together then.
Together now.
Together for all Eternity.

Never lonely, as you lie upon that grassy hill,
With stark white crosses row on row…
With 6-pointed stars scattered about.

You guard us now, as you guarded us then.
No matter what is said.
All have freedoms, never seen before,
Because of your sacrifice.
You, who now lie dead.

Brave heroes forever and ever,
You who continue to lie in wait.
We salute you in pride!
The Military of the United States!


One thought on “Epinal Cemetery

  1. Thank you June. Of all the people on this Earth, I knew you would remember. You who have sacrificed so much, growing up without a father, have so much respect to give the vets of this country. You are truly a hero. Thank you so much

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