When did you lose your will to try,
Over and over again?
You fell so many times
Before you took your very first steps!

You repeated your very first words
Over and over again,
Practicing and practicing,
Until you got it right!

As you drew your very first pictures,
Your little fingers struggled,
Over and over again,
Then held the crayon tight!

You fell a zillion times
As you climbed upon your trike.
Skinned knees and all,
Then you triumphantly rode your bike!

But through the years,
You slowly gave up.
’Til your Will became
Just a shadow of yourself.

Where have you gone?
The you that always tried your best?
Over and over again?

The you who never gave up?
The you who never sat around?
The you who never said, “I can’t.”

Get up! Try again!
Success is at the door!
Get up and try just one more time!
Like you used to do!

Over and over again!


Epinal Cemetery

To my father, Captain George Faye Rhoads.
In Memoriam.

Epinal Cemetery

Rarely can family come to your grave,
So many miles away.
But you, who gave your life,
Are never really alone.
Surrounded, as you are,
By many of your teenaged charges,
Privates, Sergeants, and oh, so many more!

You were:
Together then.
Together now.
Together for all Eternity.

Never lonely, as you lie upon that grassy hill,
With stark white crosses row on row…
With 6-pointed stars scattered about.

You guard us now, as you guarded us then.
No matter what is said.
All have freedoms, never seen before,
Because of your sacrifice.
You, who now lie dead.

Brave heroes forever and ever,
You who continue to lie in wait.
We salute you in pride!
The Military of the United States!


Life is written like a book…
We need to turn the page.
It goes on and on throughout the years,
From infancy to old age.

The book is always there for us.
Always written, sometimes read.
If we never turn the page, you know,
Our life remains “unsaid”.


But who took the Light
Out of my black and white,
And let the whole world slip away?
Turning it all, into a monotonous grey?

Further it spins. Way out in the night,
While I sit in silence, far out of sight.

Colorless. Nondescript. I, all alone,
Sit in my world. No colors are known.

Why should I be sitting in gloom,
When there’s a palate of colors
In the very next room?


Rectangles sitting on a shelf.
Just some pieces of paper.
Knowledge and fun spilling out,
With many colorful capers.

How wonderful! How perfectly fine!
Ink becomes stories, poetry and prose,
Making pictures in my mind.

Can you imagine? And can you dream
Of thoughts who travel far?
Help to make ideas,
And paint us who we are.

Halo Wearer

Hey you! Halo wearer!
Must be nice to be so perfect!
What a Big Shot you are!
Head in the air, drowning in the rain.
No hat fits you.
Never mind your brain.

Eyes blazing out with
Arrogance, hate, and know-it-all-ness.
You are such a glorified piece of nothing.
How dare you lord it over all of us,
With your ignorant, crass, unmitigated gall!

You are perfect, you said it’s so.
Better than anyone else,
With your soul as pure as wind-driven snow.
But your brain is frozen ice, you know.
You see only yourself, everywhere you go