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I saw you in the doorway
Which was filled with a Beautiful Light!
No shadows were seen within that Room,
Tho’ I looked with all my might.

I, who could never look at the light
Of the sun shining high in the sky,
Was able to see, with eyes opened wide,
All that incredible Sight!

You stood there, my wonderful friend,
In garb of brilliant white.
You looked at me, while standing,
In the doorway framed in Light!

You looked so very young.
Like you used to do.
With face content and so serene,
I can’t believe this is just a dream.

Then I watched as you disappeared,
From far beyond my view.
I was happy to have seen you,
But you must live your Life anew.

I couldn’t enter.
Was I forbidden to go
Into that Radiant Place?
I was so amazed to see you,
As I gazed upon your face.

Goodbye was never an option.
You left in the still of the night.
And now you’re gone from the empty Room.
The empty Room filled with Light.


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