I saw you in the doorway
Which was filled with a Beautiful Light!
No shadows were seen within that Room,
Tho’ I looked with all my might.

I, who could never look at the light
Of the sun shining high in the sky,
Was able to see, with eyes opened wide,
All that incredible Sight!

You stood there, my wonderful friend,
In garb of brilliant white.
You looked at me, while standing,
In the doorway framed in Light!

You looked so very young.
Like you used to do.
With face content and so serene,
I can’t believe this is just a dream.

Then I watched as you disappeared,
From far beyond my view.
I was happy to have seen you,
But you must live your Life anew.

I couldn’t enter.
Was I forbidden to go
Into that Radiant Place?
I was so amazed to see you,
As I gazed upon your face.

Goodbye was never an option.
You left in the still of the night.
And now you’re gone from the empty Room.
The empty Room filled with Light.


Retired Guy

Bermuda shorts buckled up real tight,
High upon his chest.
Jeter shirt upon his back,
Tucked halfway into his pants.
Yankee cap upon his head.
Good black socks up to his knees,
Clean white sneakers make up the rest.

Gets in his car, goes off to the store.
Can just about see, over the steering wheel.

“Road Hog!” He shouts, too many times to count.
Parks in the closest spot.
Buys his cereal and his juice.
Slowly counts out all his change.
Leaves his cart rolling, in the parking lot.
Hits the next car with his door.
“What did she park so close for?”

Drives back home after swearing a while,
At all the dumb drivers out on the road.
Travels the streets back to his home,
10 miles below the posted speed limit,
Like the law biding citizen he is.
Right blinker’s on, never turned it off.
Turns left into his driveway, going real slow.
Horns blowing constantly
By those “Crazy Tailgaters” on his bumper.
He slams on his brakes in front of the garage,
Nearly hits the door.

He enters the kitchen, with face all aglow.
Puts his packages away.
Biggest thing on his mind right now,
Is taking the garbage out.
Wrestles the cans to the curb,
Lines them up just right.
“Where’s that guy in the truck, that lazy garbage man?
Better not spill it in front of my house,
Or even on my street”
Says the crotchety, crabby old man


Happy Easter!

The caterpillar munched on his leaf one day,
Filled with a strange sort of dread.
Little did he know that within just a few hours,
He would be inexplicably and totally dead!

But what he also didn’t know,
And probably never would,
That he was actually transformed
Into another kind of Life.

A Life that took wing to the sky.
And he didn’t really die.
He merely stepped into another Realm
As he spread his beautiful wings to Fly!


I feel a world of comfort when I contemplate these words,
As if “it” all is real and “now” is just pretend.
What is happiness but sadness inside out?
We sit here and grieve for Life.
While those who’ve “lost” it, grow.

Those in the other room
That we, right here, call death,
Mourn when one who dwells there
Becomes involved in what we call birth.
We rejoice here, and they mourn there.
Then soon, it’s the other way around.

Please, when I cross into that other room,
Let all rejoice for me.
And let it all be familiar,
As the place in my dreams, I see.

Contact Lenses

(This poem was written by my daughter, Mary Beth, when she was 10 years old!)

For three years I could not see.
But contact lenses really helped me.
For two hours I tried to get them in…
45 times, I tried to begin.

My eyes were all red,
My nose was running like mad.
I finally got them in,
And, boy, was I glad!

I put them in in the morning
And sterilize them at night.
Remembering, “Left goes on left,”
And “Right goes on right.”

After eight days,
Getting them in is as easy as pie.
Just stick your finger in your eye!


There stands my doggie.
Little girl in a great big body.
Thinks she can sit in your lap.

100 pounds of animal, 30 pounds of fur,
Flying from her gigantic self
As she slides across the floor.

Tons of brown and black dog hair closely in tow,
Running to the door, barking, as she goes!
Her ferocious voice heard so loud and clear,
As a “Bad Guy” stands 3 inches from her…
On the other side of the door.

But wait! She realizes it is someone she likes!
Down on the floor, yelping in anticipation!
Hurry and come in!

Then as he enters, she almost knocks him down!
Best friends forever!
As they both sprawl upon the ground!

Good Morning

Good morning day!
You are brand new!
Lovely way to say,
“How are you?”

Wipe the slate clean.
Put the old away.
Look at what you can do,
On this brand new day

Don’t smear the pages of Life
With anxiety and strife!
Second chance! Remember that!
This time you’ll have it down pat!