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“Oh, there you are!” She said,
As she peered into the Tree.
“I know you’re in there somewhere,
Hiding in plain sight.
But just remember this,
You can never hide from me.”

Kings, Queens, Commoners, too,
Fill my DNA with all your Genetic traits.
Tears fall. Smiles shine.
Apples drop, here and there.
Gotta tell you, please be aware,
Shaking out a nut or two,
Will decorate your hair.

I am just about speechless,
As I contemplate your lives,
So many Centuries ago.
Could you ever envision me,
Your unknown, unseen Granddaughter?
Living in this marvelous, modern world?
Things you never heard of,
Or never could imagine,
Make my life so different from yours.

I never learned to ride a horse,
I can only drive a car.
You all would be so amazed, at how we’ve come so far.
Even though we’ve never met before,
I thank you for your Gift of Life,
Of courage and my strength.
I thank you all for your perseverance
In times of unbelievable strife.

You, who never watched TV,
Or heard a Symphony on CDs,
Who never had the pleasure of computer technology,
Of Cell phones to keep in touch,
I love you all, and thank you very much!


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