Found half a bottle of Grenadine
In the back of the cabinet today.
Lonely bottle…Lonely me.

The boys who loved Shirley Temples left,
And are never coming back.
For they’ve all grown up and gone so far away.

Sad to remember, they loved you so,
Mixed with Seven Up or Sprite.
You and I will never see them again…
They have marched into the Night.

How the time flies!
It doesn’t last!
Tho’ we thought it would last forever…
It didn’t.



“Oh, there you are!” She said,
As she peered into the Tree.
“I know you’re in there somewhere,
Hiding in plain sight.
But just remember this,
You can never hide from me.”

Kings, Queens, Commoners, too,
Fill my DNA with all your Genetic traits.
Tears fall. Smiles shine.
Apples drop, here and there.
Gotta tell you, please be aware,
Shaking out a nut or two,
Will decorate your hair.

I am just about speechless,
As I contemplate your lives,
So many Centuries ago.
Could you ever envision me,
Your unknown, unseen Granddaughter?
Living in this marvelous, modern world?
Things you never heard of,
Or never could imagine,
Make my life so different from yours.

I never learned to ride a horse,
I can only drive a car.
You all would be so amazed, at how we’ve come so far.
Even though we’ve never met before,
I thank you for your Gift of Life,
Of courage and my strength.
I thank you all for your perseverance
In times of unbelievable strife.

You, who never watched TV,
Or heard a Symphony on CDs,
Who never had the pleasure of computer technology,
Of Cell phones to keep in touch,
I love you all, and thank you very much!

Spilling Thoughts

Thoughts spilled into my mind today.
Wouldn’t have it any other way.
Sound and sights and words are heard,
As my pen rushes to obey.
Putting ink to paper all the information,
That floods my weary brain.

Write this! Write that!
Words tumble down my very nimble mind
Into my slower fingers.
As my head is fraught with thoughts all around,
Grasping them in memory.

Start to ink paper. Connect the dots.
Turns into information and not just “whatever” spots.
Hand, brain, eye cooperate.

How miraculous!
How I am impressed!
Tiny molecules, electric, too!
Jump synapses to make sense.
Beyond explanation!

Grandmother Maker

We both bounded into Houston at 2:08 that day.
I looked into your little face, and
You looked into mine.
Your tiny mouth was moving,
Although not a word was said.
How do you work this thing,
I thought I heard you think.

Blonde hair, white tips, parted on the side,
You are so exceptionally handsome,
Your eyes are opened wide.
Chewing on fist, looking at me
With wonder in your eyes.

Take everything in, you curious one.
Child with a full grown Soul.


A thing of beauty sits there,
In a plain and borrowed pot.
The leaves are green and shiny,
With flowers pink and hot.
How you do renew yourself
As each blossom fades.
Each one is even prettier
Than the very last you made!

How content you are with your purpose
Of producing bud by bud,
A beautiful splash of colors
You wear as brand new clothes.
And how you lift our hearts
As you tie by little threads,
Our contact with the Father
In your powerful words unsaid!


I slaughtered some negative Thoughtforms.
I recalled them one by one.
That Army was larger than I realized,
And the Fallout weighed a ton!

As I broadcast my message,
It went back through the years.
“Get rid of those Negative Thoughtforms
Of revenge and hate and fears.”

The detonation was thorough.
It sprayed the sky above.
As it sprinkled the air with ex-Negatives,
All transmuted to Love!

Flying Machine

I soar above the earth
In my tiny flying machine.
Made of gas and metal
And a heck of a lot of dreams.

Can this be so? Can this be real?
As we fly up in the sky?
Abe Lincoln never would have seen this.
Why, oh, why, do I?

Am I a privileged member
Of a world so advanced?
Am I a welcome member
Who is given a wondrous chance?

I look down and I look up,
A different world I see.
How do we stay up here?
My flying machine and me?