I touch the ground, I caress its face.
A seed filled with hidden colors
I press into its place.
Does it grow because I believe it’s so ?
Or is it because of an ancient code it knows?

How absurd for me to think,
A thing of beauty grows
From a tiny spec of dust.
But even my disbelief and my refusal to see,
Does not destroy its trust.

Suddenly, a tip of green peeks out
And wiggles its arms at me!
A tiny speck of a shoot pops up,
Then another, yet another!
Followed by a flower’s shout!

Soon there are more,
With flowers galore.
I cannot believe my eyes
As to the sky they soar!  

Previously bare ground,
Now dressed with colors sublime,
Decorate my world
With the help of rain, and bright sunshine. 



There is no beginning as there is no end.
Forever is upon us.

Its ancient path winds through yesterday, tomorrow, and today.
With flowers full of sunshine, and sorrows stacked like hay.

Birds shout along their path, songs of grief and joy.
Their incessant repetition like a child with a brand new toy.

I tread the path of mud and rain, and then I find some sun.
I struggle over mountains and rocks ‘til day is done.

I try to keep going at a pretty even pace.
But, look! This winding road has brought me back to this very same place!

And must I start tomorrow the same old path again?
Only to find it circling back to the spot in time I stand?

Or is time the same place as a page marked in a book?
Does it really change? Or will it be there when I look?

And can we leaf through it and relive each paragraph,
At any time we want to and enjoy a cry or laugh?

And, possibly, could I rewrite the parts I do not like?
To produce a better ending…

Or, perhaps, a nicer beginning?


Why do you stand on the outside?
Alone, just looking in?
Why don’t you take the first step,
And put yourself within?

Everyone waits as though time is still.
They wait, it seems, forever,
And guess you never will.

Reach your hand from within your shell.
Touch the ones who love you well.
But think! Do you wish to join
Their shouts, their laughs, their tears?
Perhaps this fork will lead you on,
And cost you precious years.

“Is it not better,”  You say,
“To keep myself aloof?
Then I won’t commit myself
In case this Play is just a spoof.”


Take a walk through the Future.
Remove the obstacles, one by one.
Pile up adversities near the closest dump.
Grab up all the pleasant things,
Carry them jump by jump.

Hang up all the hatefulness,
On the line to nowhere.
Lap up all the love you see,
Throw it out for all to share.

Life is about what you make it.
Literally, it is so.
You’re the inventor of this book.
Let’s get on with the show! 


The rabbit sang on high C that day,
The day of the end of the world.
The rabbit sang on high C that day,
The day the story unfurled.

Higher and higher, the voice rang out
Of the mute little creature of God.
Louder and longer the scream rang out,
‘Til it sounded like echoes of fog.

The earth, it shifted, and it turned,
And we all went flying off.
Then space was full of all of us,
Who had called the earth our home.

‘Til the rabbit was no longer heard…
As he spun around mutely in place.


Old friends
Pass each other
On the long road of life.
Time just to say “How are you, dear?

Hi, there!
How are you, friend?
And so we meet again.
Tho’ we both wear different garments,
Old friends.

Hey you!
Don’t I know you?
You’re so familiar.
Haven’t I known you forever?
Dear friend.

Missed you,
Nice to see you.
I’d know you any place.
Couldn’t hide that beautiful soul
From me.



My Censor’s going off duty
Just in case you didn’t know.
And sure there’s no one there to stop
Relentless overflow.

So, you’d just better be careful
Of what you’re saying to me.
Because I cannot guarantee
My usual diplomacy.

The words and phrases tumble out
Showing no apparent thought.
They’re gathering up momentum
As they stab into one’s heart.

“I never meant to hurt you so.”
But high from Heaven above,
I hear old Freud with whiskered shout,
“Liar, you!  The truth will always out!”