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Tomato soup’s a vegetable now.
Just thought you’d like to know.
My, what a crunchy bite,
As it spills upon your toes.

Messy, yes, but who should care,
As it runs into your eyes
And dribbles all over your hair.

The Government said, then you know it is true.
But they’re just pulling one over on you.

Good in my salad, sandwiches, too.
That sloppy tomato soup vegetable
Has nowhere else to go!

Rutgers, Beefsteak, New Jersey, too.
All poured together in one little can,
Mixed with lots of other stuff,
Chemicals, from around the land.

Slurp it up real fast before it runs off the plate.
Hurry! Hurry!  You’re already almost too late!
LOOK at you…with your shirt all full of SPOTS,
Pretending that they’re just POLKA DOTS!

To tell you the truth,
I really don’t give a hoot.
But let me just remind you,
Tomato’s actually a fruit!


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