Dropped a neuron on my toe
Just the other day.
“Did it hurt much?”
I thought I heard you say.
No, I didn’t drop it far enough.
No way.
It would need to fall from Jupiter,
Or even the Milky Way.
So in answer to your question…
No incredible way!


John Wilkes Booth

He thought he’d be a hero,
He, of Theater fame.
He had so much power and adulation,
John Wilkes Booth was his name.

He, and all within his station in life,
Detested President Abraham Lincoln.
He made the familiar and fatal mistake
Of thinking that everyone else felt the same.

When he killed Lincoln,
All of his fawning and fancy friends
Deserted and disowned him.
As they clutched their pearls
And grasped at their hearts in fake horror.

So John Wilkes Booth
Lives in infamy forever more.
“Sic Semper Tyrannis,”
“Thus Always To Tyrants,”
Now applies to him.


A frog came into my yard one day.
He croaked loudly,
In the most annoying way.
He hid.
I could not find him.
But still a racket he did make!

My neighbor called the Cops.
On ME!
A Law-abiding Citizen!
“Why does she allow that animal to croak?
Where does that frog go?
And furthermore, where does he hop?”

I have been witness to many strange things in my life,
But believe you me,
This is the strangest situation I have ever seen!
Reporting a croaking frog to the local Police!

Boy, I can’t get any peace!
All right! You pesky frog!
I’m giving you an order!
That nerve-grating noise
Must desist and cease!

I have threatened you repeatedly…
You had better stop that croaking,
Right this very minute!
Before you Croak for good!


There he stands.
Nice and tall.
With his feet of clay.
Idol worship does abound,
As they kneel and pray.

Open your eyes.
Look all around,
Far and wide and beyond.
As it all falls into disarray.

You say you’re surprised.
But I bet you’re not,
As his words and thoughts
Begin to blow.

He doesn’t make sense.
Is that what you know?
I hate to say it,
But “I told you so!”

Guardian Angel

I come equipped with a Guardian Angel.
Just take a look around.
Probably can’t see him…
But his Heavenly presence does abound!

I sometimes get mad,
He thinks he’s so funny.
Playing tricks here and there.
But he’s always doing his job,
And he’s ever bright and sunny.

Even though mostly invisible,
He protects me night and day.
He has been with me faithfully…
Every step of the way.

George Washington

When George Washington was a boy,
A long, long time ago,

He always traveled by horse,
Of course.
There were no cars,
Of course.
But he aways put his seatbelt on,
Of course.

“Dear Father, where’s the clicker?
I must unlock the horse.”
He needed to put his seatbelt on,
Of course.

“Why am I getting wet?
And where is the roof to cover me?
And the wipers to keep the bugs,
And even the rain, off of me?”




I looked into the mirror
Just the other day.
My face was superseded
By another in the way.

“Please, go away. I want to see myself.”
As she blocked my very head.
“Look at me more closely,”
The lady in the mirror said.
“I am only you grown older
I am never in your way!”

“I’m your future self.
I watch you very closely.
Don’t go making mistakes, now.
Be careful what you say!”